Complete History of the XBOX 360 Gaming Console

Microsoft on 15th November, 2001 released a video game console known as Xbox in North America. On 22nd February 2002, this console was released in Japan and then on 14th March, 2002 it was released in Europe and Australia. This was the first time when Microsoft entered into the market of gaming console. Xbox is a 6th generation gaming console and its aim was to compete with Sega’s Dreamcast, Nintendo’s GameCube, and Sony’s PlayStation2. Integration service of Xbox Live was launched in 2002, November that allowed users to play online games using broadband connection. Because of this one feature, Xbox became very popular and users found that this game console offers better online experience as compared to PlayStation 2. One of the best selling games offered by Xbox is Halo 2 that was released on November, 2004. Xbox 360 is the successor of Xbox and was released in 2005, November. Limited number of Xbox game library is supported by Xbox 360. The Xbox games were included in November. The games saved in Xbox cannot be shifted to Xbox360. Currently it is possible that you can play Xbox games on Xbox 360 using System Link between these two consoles.

Xbox was among the first video game consoles that had in-built hard-disk drive that was mainly used to store games that were saved as well as the downloaded content from Xbox Live. Because of this feature, there was no requirement of a separate memory card. The Xbox users are allowed to listen to music using standard audio CDs and the songs can be used for customizing soundtracks in different games. Moreover, this game console was among the first game products to have doubly interactive content-encoding technology that allows real time encoding of doubly digital in game console. Xbox is basically dependent on PC hardware commodity and is heavier and larger when compared to its counterparts. The reason is because of the bulky tray-loading drive and 3.5 inches hard-drive. There are many safety features present in Xbox like breakaway cables for controllers so as to save the console from pulling the surface on which it rests.

There are many hardware revisions that have come up so as to reduce manufacturing cost and to make the DVD drive highly reliable. There are 2 Analog sticks featured in Xbox controller along with directional pad with pressure sensitivity, back button, start button, 2 analog triggers, 8-bit analog buttons, and 2 accessory slots. Another controller launched is named as Controller S which is lighter, and smaller in size as compared to the standard controller offered by Xbox. This controller has eight MB solid state removable memory card plugged into it, that is used for saving games either when the game is being played or it can be copied from hard-drive. There are some Xbox games that are signed digitally and each one of them have unique signing key while some games can be saved and copied to memory or moved to some other console. Users can also save the Xbox Live account in the memory for simplification of use.

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