The Ultimate Best Online Gaming Communities

Tactical Gamer is one of the best online gaming communities which we have. It was created in the year 1996 and is dedicated to offering community gaming with highest standards for maturity and team play in the world. In other words, Tactical Gamer is one of the premier online communities, especially for mature gamers. The existence of this community is mainly because of the players and their support. One can support this gaming forum by becoming a member. Some of the games which are offered here include: 

Battlefield 3

Armored Kill-: it is close quarters where all the emphasis is on infantry combat in combination with tight tactical squad play. With vertical layout and smaller space, it provides personal tactical teamwork and fast-moving up close. Armored Kill comes with a large battlefield with vehicle assault. It features many new vehicles like mobile artillery, tanks, ATVs, tank destroyers, Ac-130 gunship, and much more. It includes the biggest map along with a new gaming mode Tank Superiority. The objective of this mode is to control the single flag and grant fierce combat between tank destroyers and main battle tanks and gunships. The armour group will fight together for engaging and destroying enemy as engineers scramble for keeping their team alive.

Not many communities have been able to keep a tight grasp on the gamers. But Tactical Gamer leaves all the rest behind.

Planetside 2

This game is currently in the testing phase and its release is coming closer. It is a free to play game, day/night cycling, command structured, persistent, multi-continent, and massively multilayer with person shooter. It allows hundreds of gamers to fight in combined arms battle. Large maps are also provided. It has updated graphics and FPS features.

Game plan

Communities such as these, are  great places that gamers can meet up and get a heads up on  strategy and tactics. GamePlan is the latest mobile application which will work well on all Android phones as well as iOS devices. It is perfect for both tablet sized and mobile phone applications. It is cross platform compatible and so you will not have to worry whether you are planning it on a mobile phone device or some Android Phone device. It can function over 3G as well as WiFi. It offers live updates. It provides MapLocker service. The MapLocker holds around 14 FPS maps with titles including Battlefield 3, ArmA 2, and many more.

Day Z

Here it is Survivors versus Zombies. This game is set in Chernarus region primarily in Russia. The maps, directions, and street signs are of Russia only. The basic idea of this game is that the general population have become zombies and got infected. There is only one survivor and he starts pointing with some ammunition and handguns, water canteen, backpack, food items, and some medical supplies. The survivor will not have a map, watch, flashlight, or compass. Now, the survivor will have to find this out through darkness so that he is not eaten by other zombies. It is a very interesting game because it has adventure, fear, fight, and all what will make your journey much exciting. The graphics are also very good.

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