Why Political Media Outlets Divide Americans

Political media outlets are corporations. The main objective of a corporation has always been to maximize shareholder value by generating as much profit as possible. Even though we all hope and pray for good news, studies prove that good news does’t sell. Journalist Eric Pooley was the first verifiable person to use the phrase “if it bleeds, it leads”. Years ago journalist recognized that violence and other bad events get more attention in the news as compared to good news. In fact, a Russian news website ran a social experiment where they only published good news for one day. The news outlet monitored the website’s bounce rate, which is the percentage of website visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only a page. The news site reported to lose two-thirds of its normal readership that day. It became clear that broadcasting good news is not a good business model. And at a time where cable prices have skyrocketed, more consumers started cutting the cord in favor of alternative Internet-based or wireless service.

As millions of people canceled cable television subscriptions, cable news ratings plummeted. To combat the growing trend of cord-cutters political media outlets invented opinion bias news segments. The idea is to make a group of people disagree and fight with one another so that they will not join together against one. The chief executive officer of the Cable News Network once said, “if viewers only come to CNN when there is a big story, make sure there is always a big story”. To create a big story you must encourage dissent between the citizens of America. To accomplish that, political media outlets shine the light on bad news and graphic images long enough to change public opinion and people’s perception about their political rivals e.g., republicans vs democrats.

Don't let the New World Order divide America. They can be stopped.

Most Americans can see right through medias’ intention to divide the masses, but people who are mentally ill often cannot. When journalist or powerful people in the media say ‘white men are the biggest terror threat in the U.S.’, it is the mentally ill that are more likely to act out in violence against those perceived as a terror threat. It just takes one mass shooting to create the next big story. Since violence begets violence media is able to create a perpetual cycle of bad news by always publishing bad news. That is why political media outlets divide Americans. Unity would bring citizens of America together and that could bring about a perfect world. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need highly biased opinion news. ALL politically bias opinion media is the enemy.

Example of how media attempts to divide america

These are the images media want you to see. They pressure you to be part of the problem. They tell you silence is violence. Well, that’s one way to look at it. Or, silences is sometimes the best answer. How about silences is the most powerful scream. Maybe silence is the best reply to a fool. Morgan Freedman may have said it best when asked how to get rid of racism, he said “stop talking about it”. Ironically, just before the end of the Zimmerman trial. Racially motivated hate crimes reached the lowest point since record keeping began. Since Zimmerman, Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, Eric Garner, etc., racially motivated hate crimes skyrocketed. Shine the light on a subject long enough and people become attracted to it. Or as CNN once said, “if viewers only come to CNN when there is a big story, make sure there is always a big story.” 

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